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Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance plans provide an amazingly broad range of benefit options. Providing guidance to your employees as to the value of these voluntary benefits will prevent them from leaving too much of their paycheck with that company with the duck.

Supplemental insurance provides a valued adjunct to the standard insurance package. In many instances, employers offer an allowance and permit the employees the opportunity to pick and choose the benefits that are of most value to them. But the question is, can you get more benefit on your own?

We sell supplemental disability from a number of different carriers. These plans are simple to purchase and do not require any underwriting or verification of income. However, for the same or less premium we can offer an individual a much more disability benefit and a longer payout. For the cost of a one year supplemental plan we can often provide 5 years or more of private coverage.

Cancer plans are another popular supplemental benefit. But a plan that gives you another one or two hundred dollars a day is very inadequate. For the same amount of money or even less, you can buy a plan that will give you a much superior benefit plan.

Using pre-tax Section 125 money makes it a bit more attractive, but be careful about purchasing or offering supplemental benefits.

Life insurance is an especially poor purchase for a healthy employee. A private plan might offer twice the coverage for the same premium dollar. It also goes with you if you leave your employer.

Please call us at 800-986-4786 for more information about supplemental insurance plans.