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Florida Group Dental Insurance Plans

Next to health insurance, group dental benefits are the most asked for benefit. We have a wide variety of plans ranging from inexpensive Dental HMO plans to full indemnity plans where you can use any dentist you choose.

If you would like to see how effective our PPO Discount plans can be, enter your zip code and press the Go!

 We very often get calls from individuals who need thousands of dollars of dental work and want a plan to pay for it. If life were only that simple. Generally, most individuals will incur more dental expenses in a year than medical expenses. Providing group dental coverage will build employee loyalty and provide financial relief where it is needed the most.

Florida group dental insurance plans can be implemented as voluntary, with all of the premium paid by the employee or non-voluntary, with the employer paying all or part of the costs.

At the lowest end of the dental plan food chain are the discount plans. These are not insurance plans and can literally be sold by anyone. They provide a discount fee schedule for dentist enrolled as plan providers. You need to be extremely careful to make sure that the dentist who are listed still accept the plan. Also, watch out for non-listed procedures.

We offer discount plans that use national PPO networks. This is the type of discount dental plan you want.

Indemnity and Florida PPO dental insurance plans are much more expensive. They also have out of pocket maximums and sometimes do not cover major procedures in the first year.

If you have a large enough group, partially or fully self-funded dental insurance plans will offer the best possible coverage for the lowest cost. Generally, we like to see at least 50 employees to implement this plan effectively.

We have a very wide assortment of plans and will match up your needs with a plan you can afford.

Please call us at 800-986-4786 for more information about Florida group dental insurance plans.