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Florida Group Health Insurance

If you have been plagued with rapidly rising premiums and are looking for someone who does more than hand you the output of the insurance company's computer, you need to talk with us. We are benefit consultants who can provide value added services at no additional cost to you.

Reducing, maintaining or even minimizing your Florida group insurance premium increases requires creativity and the ability to use all of the current funding, savings and supplemental plans available. If your current broker is not at least offering you these new innovative methods to save money, you might be leaving money on the table.

Our role is to find you the best possible plan for the least dollars. It is no more complicated than that. If we cannot save you money we will let you know right up front. Quite frankly, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Call us at 800-986-4786 and browse through our web site for more information.

Groups of 21 to 50 - In this range we are king. We have plans that will actually pay you back money at the end of the year. By combining partially self-funded plans with HRA's, your CFO will have a smile even through tax season.

Small Business Group Health Insurance (4 to 20 employees) - Florida group health insurance is a real challenge for small businesses. We have been very successful with combining higher deductible plans with supplemental benefits to reduce costs. To the employee it appears the same. However, you are using less expensive supplements to handle the day to day costs.

Self-employed and groups of 2 or 3 employees - While you can get group insurance for groups of this size, finding an agent who will write the insurance is almost impossible. The commission is not enough to buy a fast-food lunch. We will write groups of 2 or 3 employees if the insured(s) purchase life insurance or long-term-care insurance from us. The plans must be in place before we will write the health insurance. Call us for a quote.

Individual Insurance - Florida group insurance is very expensive even with our expert assistance. We have more than a half a dozen companies that will write a much lower cost individual plan - if you are healthy. You don't have to be in perfect health to obtain these lower cost plans. Plus HSA or Health Savings Accounts are now available to save you money on your taxes.

Multi-State Plans - If your Florida group insurance won't cover out of area or out of state employees, we can provide national coverage. You don't have to get stuck with the most expensive plan to make this happen.

Dental Plans - Group dental insurance is always disappointing. We now have plans with no waiting period for pre-existing conditions. You can go to any dentist you want. This Florida group dental plans go down to groups of one!

We can also write very cost effective plans with free cleanings, x-rays and exams that use the national PPO networks. You can bring the costs down to about $6.60 per employee per month and ten dollars for an entire family. Call us about your group dental plan needs.

Supplemental Insurance - Group long term care, dental, cancer, disability, etc. are offered from multiple carriers. We will shop the benefits for you and get multiple quote. We have no vested interest in any one carrier. This is what a broker is supposed to do.

Group International Insurance - Do you have employees who travel outside of the US for business. We can cover them with the extras they need.

A Final Word

It is difficult if not impossible to put all of the information about our plans on a web site. Everyone's situation is different and requires a slightly different solution. In many instances I will tell someone to stay with their current carrier. I might be able to lower their costs with supplemental insurance or help them to add new voluntary benefits.

If you are not a principal and have been assigned the unpleasant task of finding "cheaper" Florida group health insurance, I do not envy you. However, I can make your task a lot easier. Call me and we will discuss your situation.

Thanks for stopping by,

Martin Unger

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